As long as I can remember, the fascination of stones has always been present. My mom even found them in my diaper! 

Family camping trips to the Rocky Mountains certainly fulfilled my collecting passion. Driftwood and stone were always a part of our home decor.

 Throughout my art career, stone and minerals of all kinds have been a prominent feature of my work.  Combining natural materials, and mosaic materials, has been my unique signature to my art practice.  

My moms creativity has always inspired me, I remeber her describing  to my dad how she wanted to build a mountain in the back yard. That moment, I discovered how you can dream big and the possiblity of making it happen was real. The mountain never happened, but so many crazy, fun ideas did!  I think that all of my experience, from running a business, to my art carreer, and especially my two public art projects have led, and prepared me, to my dream of creating large stone sculpure. 

I am so in love with working on this scale, my imagination, and creative ideas feel endless. The boulders, flagstone and slabs of precambrian stone come from B.C and Alberta. It`s easy for me to be inspired by the beautiful colours, shapes and sizes. I pay attention to the detail of the stone, enhancing natural lines, adding texture and mosaic to some, letting others stay natural, this collaborative proccess, allows me to discover many creative possibilities for each sculpture.

These one of a kind, beautiful, soulful sculptures would be a perfect addition to any garden or landscape.  Please reach out to me for a private viewing, pricing, or commission! 

Sandstone 4'2"h x 28" w This sculpture will add so much beauty to your garden! -Available!