As long as I can remember, the fascination of stone has always been present. My mom even found them in my diaper!

 Throughout my art career, stone and minerals of all kinds have been a prominent feature of my work. 

Working on this scale has captured my heart and imagination. The boulders, slabs and flagstone I use are sourced locally and from quarries in Alberta and British Columbia, each with their unique coloration, shape and size. With each sculpture, I work to enhance the natural lines and textures of the stone to bring out its soulful beauty. Collaborating with the stone in this way allows me to discover unique and creative ideas for each piece, ensuring that no two sculptures are the same. 

If youre looking to add a one-of-a-kind, artful touch to your garden or landscape, my sculptures would be a the perfect addition. Please don't  hesitate to reach out for a private viewing, pricing , or to discuss a commission. 




Sandstone 4'2"h x 28" w This sculpture will add so much beauty to your garden! -Available!