I created the Pocket Art series as a smaller offering that still provides the full tactile experience of my larger pieces yet they fit on a table or a shelf within your favourite space. These pieces have reflective and dimensional surfaces of mosaic that resonates deeply for me.

All my Pocket Art are 6" wide by 10" high.

The dialogue between contemplation and expression is a rewarding and fascinating experience.  My creative inspiration comes from mother nature. Trees, mountains, oceans, topography and geological formations, flora and fauna. I nurture the process and development of ideas to the emotional response I get from the natural tessera.

I strive for conceptual meaning in my work. My process is to work spontaneously and expressively using various textures and shape of tessera to create visual abstract representation of landform. I start with an interesting piece that attracts me which serves as a key element that will further the development of the piece. As the vital lines develop the composition, details are added through an endless succession of artistic decisions.